Over my time on Neocities I have made many different websites, This is mainly to compile all my old ideas into one organized place.

I also wanted a place to keep track of information regarding interests of mine

This isn't the original neocities account I was using for some of these sites I made but I realized this account had all my old school projets (and about 20k more views) so I decided why not and copied over all my other work onto here.


02/29/2024 | Re-organized my Cillian Murphy Page, added a sleeping beauty page

02/27/2024 | Finally getting over this sickness kinda, added to my book log.

02/19/2024 | Moved site domain to my website with more views. Copied over Movie and People websites to new domain

02/18/2024 | I lied about the sickness I've been coughing up blood. Anyways, added WIP actor/director page

02/16/2024 | feeling SUPER sick so I'll probably get a lot done over this long weekend. Working on Capstone

02/15/2024 | adding a section for my capstone project (School)

02/14/2024 | happy valentines day, planning on making actors a seperate page from movies so i have to redo a lot of javascript

02/13/2024 | begun reading 'Mind of a Mnemonist', updated book website accordingly, started to redo my fashion page, added an on hold page on my movie website

02/12/2024 | adding a page for the documentary Lover Stalker killer

02/11/2024 | added lucy review to my movie website, added a page for cillian murphy

02/10/2024 | redid site decorations, re-colored books section, added more books to want list

02/09/2024 | added more movies to not reviewed and watch list, redid book tracking layout, added spektrum gallery

02/08/2024 | added more movies to not reviewed list

02/05/2024 | added more movies to not reviewed list

01/XX/2024 | added card deck collection (promptly removed)

01/22/2024 | removed and added books to read list

01/19/2024 | added books to read list

01/18/2024 | new site layout

10/XX/2023 | created runway archive

10/XX/2023 | created movie tracking webpage

09/XX/2023 | created reading tracking webpage

09/XX/2023 | removed old layout and old articles

06/XX/2023 | completed granville island advertisment website

04/XX/2023 | added page on brain-in-a-vat theory

03/XX/2023 | new layout based on school project design

03/XX/2023 | Japan extra credit website completed

XX/XX/2022 | created visual kei webpage for passion project

06/XX/2021 | created my second ever html website - my portfolio

XX/XX/2023 | created my first ever html website - travelling to italy

07/07/2021 | joined neocities